Can e-cigarettes help stop smoking?

2019-07-25 17:19

Can e-cigarette help you quit smoking? Electronic cigarettes were invented in China in 2004 and entered the Canadian market in 2007. Electronic cigarettes are electronic products that mimic cigarettes and have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to use nicotine and the like after being atomized by means of atomization. How to use electronic cigarettes Most electronic cigarettes use lithium ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the number of uses and the operating environment. And many different battery charger types are available, such as socket chargers, car chargers, and USB interface chargers. The battery is the largest component of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette evaluation E-cigarettes have styles or brands. Generally, e-cigarettes are mainly composed of a tobacco tube containing a nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod, which converts the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a mist, which allows the user to have a smoking-like feeling when sucking, and achieve "swallowing." It can even add flavors such as chocolate and mint to the pipe according to personal preference. Around 2009, they began to be popular in Europe and the United States. Because they are more environmentally friendly and healthier than traditional cigarettes, they also attract many smokers. It should be noted that due to the different definitions of e-cigarettes and cigarettes, the sales of e-cigarettes have not been too restrictive for young people for a long time. Is the electronic cigarette really non-toxic and harmless?

Can e-cigarettes help stop smoking?

Many people try to give up smoking, such as when they want to smoke, such as useful chewing gum instead of smoking, snacks, etc., but the effect is very limited. For many years, e-cigarettes have become the first choice for many people to quit smoking in the factory. Electronic cigarettes are mainly used to stop smoking and replace cigarettes.

Can e-cigarettes help stop smoking? Is the electronic cigarette harmless to the human body?

A set of comparative data on cigarettes and e-cigarettes

An American medical study shows that people who smoke e-cigarettes are three times more likely to smoke than non-smokers in the coming year. A study in the United States showed that even without nicotine, two substances in an electronic cigarette can destroy the DNA chain and eventually lead to cancer.

In 2014, the World Health Organization reported in Geneva that e-cigarettes also produce toxic substances that are harmful to health. Governments should take measures to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to young people. Since the safety of e-cigarettes has not yet been confirmed, governments have different attitudes and policies on e-cigarettes, and some countries including Brazil, Norway and Singapore have begun to restrict or completely ban the sale of e-cigarettes.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina in a study comparing smokers, smokers, and non-smokers showed that smoking inhibits 53 genes that are active in the immune system; the 53 genes of electronic smokers are also inactive, and 305 groups of genes were also suppressed. In addition, studies have shown that e-cigarettes of different tastes have different genetic changes; in the market, some butter-flavored electronic cigarettes contain diacetyl dichloride, causing obliterative bronchiolitis. The ingredients, drugs and fragrance additives used in e-cigarettes are not simple, and research on this is still limited.

Electronic cigarettes are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes. But any propaganda that claims to be harmless, not addictive, and can help quit smoking is wrong! The biggest effect of quitting smoking is not smoking, but smoking. Do you mean to change the smoke? that's it. Not a cigarette. The relative cigarettes of e-cigarettes are less harmful to cigarettes, but the degree of harm is less.

Can e-cigarette help you quit smoking? Read this and you will find that people who really want to quit smoking will not fall into the trap of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes quit smoking cigarettes, do not really quit nicotine. What is really addictive is nicotine poisoning.

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