How can e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking?

2019-07-25 17:23
The highest radiation in the world is the lungs of smokers, a cigarette and 5,000 chemicals that enter the body. How to use electronic cigarettes Most electronic cigarettes use lithium ion and secondary battery power components. Battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the number of uses and the operating environment. And many different battery charger types are available, such as socket chargers, car chargers, and USB interface chargers. The battery is the largest component of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are electronic products that mimic cigarettes and have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to use nicotine and the like after being atomized by means of atomization. E-cigarette evaluation E-cigarettes have styles or brands. Generally, e-cigarettes are mainly composed of a tobacco tube containing a nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod, which converts the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a mist, which allows the user to have a smoking-like feeling when sucking, and achieve "swallowing." It can even add flavors such as chocolate and mint to the pipe according to personal preference. Whether it is active smoking or passive exposure to second-hand smoke, the harm is greater than you think. In recent years, electronic cigarettes have gradually emerged. E-cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes, and at the same time understand the role of cravings and are rapidly becoming popular. So how can e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking?

First of all, what is the principle of e-cigarette?

The working principle of e-cigarettes best reflects the difference between them and cigarettes. Compared to plain paper cigarettes, electronic cigarettes use the heating of the main engine to atomize the fumes to produce steam fumes rather than the fumes produced by the burning of paper cigarettes. The steam fumes of e-cigarettes do not contain smoke tar and impurities produced by combustion, as well as harmful gases such as carbon monoxide generated by incomplete combustion. Therefore, compared with paper cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have little harm to the human body. The level of air pollution is also much lighter, and secondhand smoke is no problem.

Second, the smoking cessation method of electronic cigarette

Many people want to know why e-cigarettes can help stop smoking. Smoking cessation is not completed overnight, and electronic aided smoking cessation should be completed step by step. Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, but smoking oil is also very addictive. An ordinary smoker began to smoke electronic cigarettes. After 3-5 months of use, the concentration of nicotine in the smoke can be adjusted from high to low, or even to no concentration, and gradually get rid of the physiological dependence of nicotine. The smoking cessation principle is a method of gradually quit smoking according to the principles of nicotine replacement therapy recommended by the World Health Organization.

Third, smoking electronic cigarettes will smoke?

E-cigarette users respond differently to smoking recurrence than non-e-cigarette users. Dr. Caitlin Nothley is the Principal Investigator of the Norwich Medical School in the European Union. He believes that the taste and smoking method of e-cigarettes is similar to traditional cigarettes. It can replace traditional cigarettes to meet the physical, psychological and social needs of quitters, providing them with a pleasant experience and accidental smoking. Smoking does not cause them to renew their cigarettes, so e-cigarettes change the threat of recurrence.

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