Help and troubleshooting

QBluetooth connection is not available?
A1. Is the Bluetooth device power switch turned on?
2. The code is not pressed when connecting;
3. The mouse battery is low;
4. The Bluetooth driver is not installed;
5. The Bluetooth driver version is too low;
6. Operating system problems;
7. For the code timeout, delete the device and re-pair it once.
QAfter each use of the wireless product, do you need to unplug the receiver and turn off the switch?
ASinomaxproducts have automatic power saving mode design. When the user does not use it for a period of time, it will automatically enter the power saving state. So there is no need to turn off the switch when not in use.
QCursor jitter?
A1. Please check if there are any other wireless devices in the vicinity;
2. Please check if there is any dirt in the lens hole of the bottom cover;
3. Check if the lower cover and the mouse pad are uneven. Please replace the other mouse pads.
QDoes the cursor move with the mouse?
A1. Use a mouse pad;
2. Please move the mouse on white paper to determine if the cursor does not move due to the special surface used.
QCan not work normally?
A1. Whether the device is turned on;
2. Check if the receiver is plugged into the USB interface of the host;
3. The receiver cannot be identified and the receiver is re-plugged;
4. Whether the battery is reversed;
5. Need to replace the new battery;
6. Check for wireless interference around;
7. Keep no large obstacles in the communication range;

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